“There was medical negligence for wanting to earn a few pesos”: Grandmother of the baby born by cesarean section lit by cell phones | News from Mexico

Baja California.- It was in Mexicali where a caesarean section was performed in dim light, barely lit under the light of several cell phones, inside a private clinic that suffered a blackout. The consequences of the bad practice were immediate, and unfortunately, rfell on the baby that was planned to be delivered.

Without electricity, private hospital doctors and nurses International Clinic of Specialtiesin the city of Mexicali, performed a cesarean section Karla Araceli Urizandi Martinez19-year-old pregnant woman, with the light from her cell phones.

Julián Adriel, 8 days old, is currently in a delicate condition. This was a result of staff malpractice, as the lighting provided by cell phones It did not prevent the baby’s left ear from being severed, as well as part of a hemangioma in the same area. Because of this, Julián has a swollen left part of his head. That is why his family fears that he may lose hearing in that ear.

Sonia Martínez Andrade, the baby’s grandmother, He stated that Julián’s health is at risk and that for now he receives medical attention from a private pediatrician. Julián will undergo studies in a hospital other than the clinic.

In photos of the newborn, a severe swelling can be seen on the left side of the face, as well as stitches in his ear.

“I don’t want to operate like this, I don’t want to die”

Karla Araceli’s caesarean section was scheduled for June 6 at 11:00 a.m., at the clinic located at Avenida Michoacán 1870, in Colonia Pueblo Nuevo, in downtown Mexicali. The doctors changed the intervention until the 12:40 p.m.when the woman was anesthetized.

At 12:48 p.m., the CFE registered a blackout in the area. The doctor told Karla Araceli that the electricity had gone out, but that she was already anesthetized, so she would continue with the intervention with the light of her cell phone, grandmother Sonia Martínez recounted.

“I don’t want to operate like this, I don’t want to die”, Karla Araceli begged the doctor. The doctor ignored her request and went to the waiting room where her husband, Julián Solís, 21, was. to whom he shamelessly lied.

“The power went out, but we have a (energy) substation, the operating room is lit, right now we pass it so that it is present at the delivery,” he assured Julián Solís, Karla Araceli’s husband.

The clinic did not activate any power plants after a general blackout in Colonia Pueblo Nuevo, which lasted 26 minutes.

“There was medical negligence for wanting to earn a few pesos,” Sonia said.

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The grandmother reported that the doctor who performed the caesarean section, David Santoyo Alanís, distanced himself from negligence in the cut of the little boy’s ear and left the operating room, before they sewed up Karla Araceli. “He told my son-in-law ‘they cut off his ear, I didn’t go'”, Sonia Martinez referred.

A doctor other than the one who delivered the baby tried to reconstruct the baby’s ear, however, He did not stop referring to the fact that the family “saved 30 thousand pesos for his intervention.”

By cutting off the left ear, they cut out part of a hemangiomawhich does not represent danger if it is not touched, but it is a health risk grandmother Sonia Martínez highlighted. Another of the irregularities, she continued, was that Karla Araceli was not allowed to see her newborn son after the cesarean section.

The family filed a complaint on June 9 for the crimes of medical and technical responsibility, or whatever results, before the State Attorney General’s Office.

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