Minecraft. Video game crash reported TODAY June 15, 2022

Mexico /

This June 15, users reported failures to play the popular video game Minecraftrecognized as the best seller in the entire history of the industry.

According to the portal downdetectorat 14:22 this Wednesday there was little more than 730 reports from Mexico, channels continued to grow. But users from other parts of the world also reported the fall of the title.

According to the portal, 100 percent of the problems were related to the “Connection to the server”, and the reports occurred mainly in CdMx, Guadalajara, Torreón and Mérida.

Through its status page, Mojang studios acknowledged the inconvenience suffered by its users: “There are currently issues with our services, and we are investigating and fixing“, they wrote at 14:31 in the afternoon.

According to figures, Minecraft is the video game title best seller of all timewith an amount close to 238 million units distributed between physical and digital versions. It should be noted that it is included as part of Xbox Game Pass, which makes it more accessible in some cases.

Bad day for the fall: everything was ready for Saw Minecraft Games

The fall occurs precisely while everything was ready for the celebration of Saw Minecraft Games, an event on Twitch headed by the famous Auronplay in which they would participate recognized streamersas Ibai Llanosin order to add 100 Spanish-speaking creators seeking to emulate the success achieved with SquidCraftGamesevent that was inspired by the Netflix series the squid game.

However, while everything was checking ready, the servers of Minecraftcausing disappointment in thousands of users connected via Twitch to witness the event.

It has fallen at the key moment, do not think that this is a hacker thing. Minecraft is down, not Saw Minecraft Games. The situation is like this, all this is in red“retrieve Brand from the Auronplay live stream on Twitch.


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