La Línea The Sacred Heart School of La Línea, runner-up in the National Minecraft Games

The Providence Sacred Heart School de La Línea (popularly known as the Colegio de Las Monjas) has achieved the second place in the minecraft games national schools, in which more than 2,100 students have participated, from the third year of Primary to the second year of ESO, from more than 90 educational centers throughout Spain.

The final, which took place this Wednesday, featured with the participation of the five schools selected as finalists in the qualifying phase of the Minecraft School Games, which began in April. The qualifying challenge consisted of replicating in a Minecraft world one of the World Heritage Sites scattered around the world.

The center highlights that it is “a well deserved” recognition to the effort, work and motivation of all the students of the school”.

“Congratulations to the finalists and to all those who have participated in this great learning adventure so motivating and creative,” she adds.

School Games Minecraft Education they are a program developed through the use of educational version of the popular Minecraft game and active methodologies such as Game-Based Learning.

Its main objective is promote development skills such as creativity, critical thinking or teamwork thanks to the activities and challenges that students will find in the program.

The fact of using the educational version of a game like Minecraft, which is known by thousands of children around the world, promotes an interesting and motivating environment for them in which they will be able to function safely to carry out the development of the proposed challenges that will have to do with curricular elements of their courses.

This program is developed by Microsoft Spain and L3TCraft Education.

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