Alchemy of love | homage to Billie Eilish as Marilyn Monroe

Alchemy of love: homage to Billie Eilish as Marilyn Monroe (On Wednesday 15 June 2022)
Life & The exhibition “Alchemy of loveOpens with a tribute to Billie Eilish in dress up by Marylin Monroe, an outfit that went around the world at the Met Ball 2021 and that inspired this tribute to the American celebrity. The first exhibition in Forte dei Marmi by Valerie Breuleux,
Alchemy of love, runs through the concept of “model” and aesthetic ideal of figures from the star system or sequences of historical and emblematic films, such as the tribute to Kubrik and his masterpiece Lolita played by Lana del Rey. Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni in La dolce vita, Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind or Liz Taylor and Richard Burton in Cleopatra are the subjects of the most passionate kisses in the history of cinema …Read on lifeandpeople

twitterzazoomblog : Alchemy of love: a tribute to Marilyn Monroe – #Alchemy # of love: # tribute – Mycultureinblog : ALCHEMY OF LOVE – giovannizambiente : Alchemy of love exhibition by Valerie Breuleux, Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery in Forte dei Marmi –

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