Saw Minecraft games: AuronPlay event is suspended until tomorrow

Saw Minecraft Games, live and direct: This madness begins

The day has finally come when Saw Minecraft Games will give its starting signal. One hundred Spanish-speaking streamers will participate in the new project by Auronplay, Komanche and company. Yes, the same ones who created squid craft games, are back with this new project in the creation video game par excellence, Minecraft.

Ibai Llanos, TheGrefg (if it arrives), Auronplay, Xokas or JuanSGuarnizo, will participate in the Minecraft version of the horror and thriller classic that is one of the most famous sagas in cinema, Saw. Little do we know what streamers will find, but if we get into the background, squid craft games, It was pretty faithful to the hit series, The Squid Game.

So this time, we can expect a faithful adaptation to all the atrocities and traps that occur in the Saw saga. We will see what happens and who of the 100 content creators is the last. And most importantly, alive.

Saw Minecraft Games participants

The 100 streamers are divided into several groups with their leaders, it will depend on them to survive together or listen to their survival instinct…

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