Checo Pérez puts an end to divorce rumors.

After winning the victory during the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, Checo Pérez he was put in the eye of the hurricane due to the videos and images that circulated of him on social networks, where he was seen having drinks and dancing with a beautiful woman who was not his wife Carol Martinez.

El Capi recalled in Los Bloopers the great influence that Anette was in the life of Checo Pérez for his first place in Formula One.

To clarify the rumors about an alleged infidelity with the Ukrainian model Khrystynathe Mexican pilot of Red Bull who is currently second in the championship Formula 1 after getting on the podium last weekend during the Azerbaijan GP, came out to clarify what happened.

Czech apologizes for what happened

Through your account Instagramthe pilot from Jalisco revealed that his behavior “was not up to the level of the person he is”, making it clear that he assumed the consequences of his actions.

“I have seen videos that have been circulating about me and I take responsibility for it. It was a bad party that I did not know how to control at the level of the person I am, but it was just that, a very bad party, “the Mexican said at first.

“People close to me know my values ​​and the kind of person I am. For those who ask me, my wife and I are closer than ever. And for those who only want to harm us, I wish you the best, ”she added.

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Checo Pérez talks about the VIDEOS in which he appears with another woman.

Finally, Czech Perez He thanked everyone for their expressions of affection and apologized to all the people who love him because “those videos do not represent me at all.”

“We will not talk about this topic anymore, which only makes us forget the great moment we are experiencing as a family. Thank you”, he finished. Perez.

Sergio Pérez and his alleged divorce from Carola Martínez

After what happened in MonacoVarious media assured that the Mexican was on the verge of divorce, because apparently his wife would not have forgiven him for his “slip” with the Ukrainian model with whom he was captured, they even assured that he had kicked him out of his house.

But not only that, they also claimed that the brands that sponsor him met with him to read him the primer after what happened in the Monegasque principality due to the bad image he projected.

Checo Pérez does not get divorced?

After so much back and forth about their marriage, Czech Perez He demonstrated with facts that things in his home are going well, as he shared a video on his account. Instagram where he appears playing with his children, Sergio Y Charlotteextinguishing the rumors that claimed that Carola Martinez I had kicked him out of his house.

In the small clip that the Mexican pilot shared, you can see his children running in the hallway of his house, while listening to say Czech “on your marks, ready out”, and their children run like fireballs towards one of the doors.


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