Jaime Munguía defeats Jimmy Kelly by KO in 5 rounds

The forecasts they have compliment Y Jaime Munguia achieved an important victory in view of Jimmy Kelly, Well, after a somewhat difficult start, the Mexican knocked down the British three times and with that he came out with his hand raised in the fifth round.

The aztec pugilist continues to show that it is among the topnot only from the division of the medium weightbut in the elite of the mexicanswell Jaime Munguia has reached a 40-0 record and it is important to note that 32 his triumphs have been by way of KO.

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Jimmy Kelly jumped into the ring with enough confidence Y in focus in countering Jaime Munguiabecause from the beginning the Briton was serious, throwing good shots and avoiding making any mistakes, because he knew that it could be lethal.

Jaime Munguia

The british boxer moved from side to side, landed good jabs and hooks to the integrity of Jaime Munguía and was able to contain him, because although the Mexican answered and hit the soft zone, Jimmy Kelly it did not bend.

Between third Y fourth round even much of the hobby considered that Jimmy Kelly I had real options of defeat the Aztec boxer, because few rivals had neutralized the impacts of Jaime Munguiabut once the fifth round began, everything changed.

Munguia dated fire in the gloves and connected to Kelly strong and accurate; the british went to the canvasthere was a preventive count but the fight continued, but the Mexican knew that it was his moment and never let go.

He reconnected it in a big way and again fell to the canvaswhere he KO seemed highly likely, but again the referee allowed to continue. The third was the charm after a blow that almost sent him out of the ring, since Jimmy Kelly He passed between the ropes and it was all over.

Jaime Munguia Obtained his KO number 32 of his career and is one of the boxers in the best moment, since few have so many triumphs on the fast track and more than that, he is undefeated, so a lot is expected of him.

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