Everything you need to know about bleeding brake fluid

Brake fluid absorbs water from the atmosphere, lowering its boiling point and causing corrosion. Contamination by microscopic particles of rust and rubber that accelerates the wear of moving components. This is the reason why manufacturers and mechanics recommend completely draining the hydraulic fluid annually.

Also, whenever the hydraulic system has been opened, the air must be bled. You should also routinely drain and replace your brake fluid every two years. Regularly bleeding your brakes can also help pinpoint problems with the system. that you wouldn’t necessarily notice just by driving the car.

What is brake bleeding and its functionality?

Brake bleeding is the procedure that is performed in hydraulic brake systems whereby the brake lines are purged of any air bubbles.

This is necessary because, while brake fluid is an incompressible liquid, air bubbles are compressible gases and their presence in the brake system greatly reduces the hydraulic pressure that can develop within the system.

The process is accomplished by forcing clean, bubble-free brake fluid through the entire system, from the master cylinder to the disc brake calipers or drum brake wheel cylinders. brake bleeder valve It is normally mounted at the highest point of each cylinder or caliper.

Brake Drain Procedures

The first step in bleeding the brakes is to fill the system with brake fluid. A useful product is pressure brake bleeder like bleeder.

The system has a hand pump that can be used to pressurize the brake fluid to almost any pressure. A small gauge on the front of the brake fluid reservoir indicates the pressure of the brake fluid inside. The very large reservoir can hold about two quarts of brake fluid, more than enough for most brake flushing and bleeding jobs.

The procedure consists of adding liquid, connecting the trap to the top of the reservoir cap and pump the bleeder bottle with the hand pump, this will pressurize the system.

The fast, simple and easy to use brake bleeder

This amazing brake bleeder kit is a very useful and cost effective tool to have in your collection. A specialized pressure pump connects to the master cylinder and fills it with fluid. The pump is used to pressurize the system to about 10 psi, and the bleeder valves are opened one at a time until the fluid is free of air.

An advantage of this system is that the pump reservoir usually contains enough liquid that it is not likely to run dry. This is the method most professional shops use, although they use commercial equipment instead of the unit mentioned above.


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