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In the Del Valle neighborhood there is a mansion where, in the midst of the mind’s disaster, while thoughts want to escape throughout the room, the caffeine keeps calm from the foam of that cappuccino or in the short depth of an espresso.

This place is described as a neighborhood bookstore and everything revolves around a cup: “point of meeting of readers and non-readers. A place where spontaneous events and chats with a nice coffee”. Is about The disastera place whose surname bears its essence: ‘Coffee + Books‘.

Their coffee with notes of nuts, chocolate and fruitbrought from Tlaltetela, Veracruz arrived in the neighborhood in December 2020, in one of the most chaotic moments of the COVID pandemic, just like that cultural respite that Mexico City needed.

It is a project created by Alonso Salmerón and at the time received recommendations from several writers from the colony such as Ana Negri, Daniel Saldaña Paris and Armando González Torre.

House taken over: This is El Desastre

For those hungry for the delicious pleasure of browsing, buying and reading, in this huge house they offer books from independent publishers all over its walls, on its shelves it is possible to find publishers such as Almadía, Elefanta, Antelope, Paraíso Perdido, Sexto Piso, Grano de Sal , SuVersion and Argonautics.

This is one of the sites that has earned a place in the routine of Chilango readerswho hunt spaces in the metropolis to devour a book and a cupcake. There are tables, armchairs and a quiet terrace with ferns and other plants.

It is also frequented by students and those former Godínez who do not miss the office, but do appreciate a good place to do home office some days.

In its rooms there are constantly cultural activities, such as book presentations, its first face-to-face activity was precisely a writing workshop to lose that famous fear of the blank page.

On its shelves, there are very careful selections, its first theme bookcase it was about ‘disaster’, of any kind; one of the most recent is Pure poetry. They also have a special one with illustrated and children’s books.

The center of the Earth: coffee

This whole world that is called ‘Disaster’ (although it brings sanity back) has as its center a coffee bar with a short but substantial menu.

“Relax, you came home”, reads his letter, where there are three protagonists: coffee, tea and tisanes.

Those who need caffeine to concentrate will find americano, espresso, macchiato, flat white, cappuccino, latte, mocha, dirty chai (chai latte with espresso), cold brew (cold coffee infusion) or bombón (condensed milk with espresso).

Others, looking for something more relaxed, can opt for traditional chai, matcha, sweet chocolate (with cinnamon and brown sugar) or semi bitter (cardamom and brown sugar).

There are also mixes like Midnight in Paris (white tea, lavender flowers, and vanilla), Grandma’s Remedy (rose hips, citrus peel, chamomile, lemongrass, hibiscus, and mint) or Soothing Snuggle (lemongrass, eucalyptus, tri-mint blend, licorice, hyssop, and rose petals) cornflower).

To accompany, there are sandwiches and fluffy desserts such as brownies with red fruitscarrot pancake, banana pancake or plum crumble.

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