The most important signings, so far, for the Apertura 2022

The summer market has moved fast, but who have been the biggest players to change teams?

The transfer market runs by leaps and bounds and certain clubs were reinforced in the best way. So far there are very important movements in the MX Leaguethe same ones that have already been confirmed, and that raise the illusion of soccer fans facing the Opening 2022.

then in ESPN we present you the most important signingsso far, in this transfer market.

The Mexican goalkeeper was released after two years with Cougars and arrived at Ciudad Juarez Braves as a free agent to be one of the bomb signings for the Opening 2022. It was this Wednesday when the club officially announced his signing.

Talavera39 years old, signed with Juarenses a few weeks ago, as I anticipated ESPN previously, so now he commands the project led by Hernán Cristante, who also arrived at this tournament.

The left-back also ended his contract with Blue Cross and arrived at Cougars. Last Tuesday was when the incorporation of him to the university became official after Andrés Lillini, feline helmsman, greatly influenced the negotiations.

Aldrete He joined the team’s preseason in Acapulco and has already started training alongside his teammates. With the addition of him, he joins Efraín Velarde, Jerónimo Rodríguez and Oliver Pérez as the elements that are going to fight for ownership on the left side.

The right back left the Cougars to get to Chivas after several tournaments in which he tried to leave the feline team, because he felt that he had to make the leap to another team after he felt he had completed his cycle with the auriazules.

The operation left a balance of just under 4 million dollars for the university coffers and the Mexican defender was one of the bombs of the summer market, since the movement was not expected.

The Chilean left Lion to go to Toluca after Ignacio Ambriz asked the South American to build the new scarlet project, since everyone in the organization was left with a bad taste in their mouths because they paid a millionaire fine for finishing among the last three places in the quotient table.

Meneses It was the second reinforcement of the Mexican team and was added to the next element on this list. The South American is already fully into the team’s preseason and looks set to be one of the cornerstones of the team.

One of the players who was a figure in the MX League with Queretaro he returned to Aztec football with Tolucaa team that bid for his purchase with Sao Paulo, a team to which the Brazilian went to seek an opportunity with his national team.

volpi He has been one of the most emblematic goalkeepers in the last decade in Mexican soccer and now he will have his revenge with the Red Devilswith whom he will live his second stage in the country and arrived with the label of being one of the leaders of the dressing room.

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