Faitelson and Murrieta argue over bullfights in Plaza México

Mexico City /

Heriberto Murrietaa journalist recognized for his passion for bullfighting, recommended David Fatelson educate himself before giving an opinion on that discipline, which he defended with the argument that “there is no meanness” or “filth” in itas stated by his controversial partner.

Initially, Faitelson applauded that the authorities indefinitely suspended the bullfights in Plaza Méxicoalthough the comment was a harsh criticism that ignited a strong debate on social networks.

“We must congratulate the authorities and especially the federal judge who has ordered to ban the killing of bulls in Plaza México. A bloody, vile, painful, vile activity that the only thing he discovers is the filth of the human being,” David wrote on Twitter.

After a few hours, Murrieta responded to the comment in a polite but strong manner, not without failing to point out Faitelson’s ignorance of the so-called Fiesta Brava.

“David, You should know about bullfighting before giving your opinion about it in an erroneous and disproportionate way. It is far from consisting of killing bulls. There is absolutely no rudeness in bullfighting or filth in those of us who are fans.

As a last comment, David acknowledged his ignorance of the world of bullfighting, although he stressed that he does know what it is “respect the life of all God’s creatures”.

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