Anne Hathaway is Bulgari’s ambassador in the commercial with Zendaya

What is an unexpected wonder? What is an unexpected surprise? It could be, for example, that you find that Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway is the new ambassador of the Bulgari high-end jewelry house. And who, together with Zendaya, is the protagonist of a commercial made under the direction of Paolo Sorrentino. Movie stars have never been so close and – above all – (perhaps) they have never shone so clearly and brightly: embellished by Bulgari jewelrythe two actresses are the co-stars of Unexpected Wondersthe brand’s new 2022 campaign.

A campaign that consecrates the Bulgari brand to the jeweler of the great stars, but which is also an invitation to enjoy simplicity, appreciate it in all its (ordinary) essence so that the extraordinary can manifest itself to us. Anne Hathaway and Zendaya aren’t the only ones introducing the new jewelery and watch creations: the Bulgari fashion house relied on five women in all, including Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, Chinese actress Shu Qi and the Thai cantate of Blackpink Lalisa, also known as Lisa. The photographer Dan Jackson immortalized them in the images of the advertising campaign, while the Italian director Paolo Sorrentino (The great beauty and, just recently, It was the hand of God) was entrusted with the direction of the spot.

anne hathaway ambassador bulgarian jewelry

Anna Hathaway is the new Bulgari ambassador


anne hathaway ambassador bulgarian jewelry


zendaya ambassador bulgarian jewelry



Two women who understand each other at first glance, two women who get excited in front of a shower of flowers. We are far from Cannes, where Anne Hathaway showed off Bulgari jewels on the red carpet of the 75th edition of the Film Festival: Rome is the backdrop to the advertising campaign spot, revealing to the external observer and to the two protagonists all its majesty of the eternal city. Here is the sense of an “unexpected wonder”, that is, of an unexpected wonder: getting excited by the view, wearing a jewel and experiencing totalizing sensations of strong ecstasy.

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As for the jewels featured in the advertising campaign, the new Bulgari ambassador Anne Hathaway wears both High Jewelery creations and pieces from the timeless collection Snakesas well as jewelry and watches of Divas’ Dream. Zendaya, on the other hand, unveils with incomparable elegance the masterpieces of Bulgari High Jewelery and the lines of B.zero1 (subject of a new exhibition in Milan) e BULGARI BULGARI.

priyanka chopra ambassador bulgarian jewelry

Priyanka Chopra


shu qi ambassador bulgarian jewelry



Indian actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas flaunts the High Jeweler collection and creations Snakes; irreverent and cool, Lisa’s style focuses on necklaces and B rings.zero1. Finally, the Chinese actress Shu Qi with the elegant pendants from the collection Divas’ Dream. Five beauties – reflected in Bulgari jewels – representing diversity and inclusion. Five beauties who confirm to Bulgari the status of jeweler of the Stars.

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