Jürgen Damm and his 85 percent market devaluation

The transfer of Jurgen Damm to Tigres was valued at 10 million dollars and, seven years later, the 29-year-old footballer is worth 1.5 million dollars

the mexican end Jurgen Dammwhich is tested with America In this preseason, he received an important opportunity to revalue himself, since he has seen how his value in the market has been falling precipitously, going from costing 10 million dollars to only 1.5 million.

Damm left Pachuca with the aim of being a figure in Tigres, a team with which he won four league titles, but his minutes on the pitch were few. Given this, he decided not to renew with the San Nicolás team and return to the MLS, where Atlanta United signed him in 2020 and his minutes were counted and with it his price went down.

in 2015 Damn came to tigers in exchange for 10 million dollars, a price that seven years ago seemed justified by one of the most outstanding promises of the Tuzos, but its value according to the specialized page Transfermarkt never increased and always remained in the same margin that they valued 4.5 millions of dollars.

The cost of the player began to drop from April 2018, when his minutes were falling and his price was at 3.8 million dollars. However, it stayed that way for the rest of the year.

In 2019 its cost fell to 3.4 million dollars and with this price its departure from the MX League It seemed to materialize, but the value was less when in the last semester the board, as a punishment, decided to relegate him from the first team and not call him for any match. This caused his price to drop to $2.7 million.

With the aforementioned cost went to the mlswhere in two years he did not win ownership and his contribution to the team translated into four assists throughout 24 commitments, while in game minutes he only participated in 788.

Its little activity caused a further decline in its value to 1.8 million dollars. In addition, in the last six months the footballer kept training with the Atlanta B, since the board and the coaching staff headed by Gonzalo Pineda decided that it was not in the plans, so it was without activity. A new blow in the market appeared for Jurgenwho went on to value 1.5 million dollars.

Now, the player will look for a place in the team led by Fernando Ortiz and in the process try to recover a little of the 85 percent of the market value that he has lost in seven years.

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