Billie Eilish, new song about abortion and Depp / Heard

The American singer-songwriter during the concert in Manchester on June 7 performed singing an unreleased song that she said she “just wrote” with her brother. This is a piece in which you refer to the battle for abortion rights in the USA and also to the trial of Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Billie Eilish has written with her brother a new song that talks both about the battle for abortion rights that is being fought in the United States and about another much debated topic in the USA (and not only there), namely the Johnny trial. Depp versus ex-wife Amber Heard.

The American singer-songwriter first performed this song during her concert in Manchester on June 7, 2022, saying on stage that she and her faithful co-writer, brother Finneas O’Connell, have “just written” this song.

The track features text that appears to refer to recent events in the United States, including the libel trial with which the star of Pirates of the Caribbean dragged the ex-wife to court.
So Eilish speaks (indeed: sings) of the trial on everyone’s lips, namely the Depp / Heard trial, won by Johnny Depp, since the jury acknowledged that the actor was vilified by Amber Heard when she wrote an editorial in 2018 on Washington Post in which she defined herself as a victim of domestic violence, alluding to the accusations she had made against the ex. However, the jury also acknowledged that Depp himself defamed Heard during his fight to fight the charges, so they decided to charge her $ 10 million and him $ 2 million, both figures for the damages resulting from the defamation. ‘one of the other and vice versa.

Johnny Depp starred in Eilish’s UK tour


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During her UK tour, Billie Eilish then starred Johnny Depp. Although it was not necessary to make him the protagonist, since we are talking about the star who most of all has returned to the fore in this period.

Just another tour in the United Kingdom recently saw him as the main protagonist: we refer to the tour of the English guitarist and singer Jeff Beck, musician friend and collaborator of Depp to whom the actor-guitarist joined during the English lives. And soon the star will also arrive in Italy, following Jeff Beck.

The song not yet released


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The song in question has not yet been released but the artist wanted to preview it in front of the fans of the concert in Manchester.

“The internet went crazy watching movie stars on trial, as they are overturning Roe vs Wade,” sang Eilish, also referring to the battle for abortion rights in America.

If the first part dedicated to the trial of the movie stars is obvious to anyone, perhaps the reference to Roe vs Wade (Roe vs Wade in English) is a little less so. This is a historic sentence handed down in 1973 by the Supreme Court of the United States of America and represents a major precedent regarding abortion legislation.

Norma McCorvey, called by the name of Jane Roe to protect her privacy, is a woman born in Louisiana in 1947 who at the age of 16 married a violent man with whom she had two daughters. Pregnant with her third child, she was contacted by a team of lawyers (including the famous Sarah Weddington) who took the case to court to assert Norma’s right to have an abortion. Attorney Henry Menasco Wade represented the state of Texas in the 1970 trial. So the words of Eilish’s passage “are overturning Roe vs Wade” are a clear reference to what is happening in America regarding abortion laws.

At the AO Arena in Manchester


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The 20-year-old singer performed with her co-author brother, Finneas O’Connell, on the stage of Manchester’s AO Arena.

The couple sat on two stools and as Finneas played the acoustic guitar for this slow, melancholy song, Billie explained the genesis to the audience.
“This is what we just wrote and we just wanted to play for you,” the pop star is told to the crowd in a video posted on social media (which you can watch at the end of this article).

This was Billie Eilish’s first UK performance since playing at the Reading festival in 2019. The pop star is also preparing to take the prestigious stage at the Glastonbury festival, which takes place at the end of June.

Below you can watch the video posted on social media in which Billie Eilish announces and sings the new song about the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard trial and abortion rights.

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