Gignac plays with ‘Chile’ and scores great goals; Damien ‘discovers it’

Monterey, NL /

Andre-Pierre Gignac on his vacations he continues to do what he loves, he plays soccer; It is nothing new that the Frenchman plays amateur when he has the opportunity and on this occasion, he excelled with great goals that were captured on video.

Gignac participated in a team that represented Chiliplayed against Jamaicaand gave them two spectacular annotations without any problem, for which everyone called him ‘crack’.

the bomboro He uploaded these videos in his Instagram stories that were shared by people who attended the game, in addition to publishing the photograph with an old acquaintance of the fans of tigers.

And it is that Damian Alvarez was present and the memory image was taken, which was uploaded the dwarf to his account and jokingly assured that he saw a future in football, as if it were a promise recently discovered by him.

“I saw this guy play and I think he has a future, he brings magic,” wrote the Argentine, in addition to the message “how nice to see you, I miss you”; Of course, the Auriazul club published it, pointing out that in that photo “how many joys and titles”.

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