Amaury Vergara confessed that the Sacred Flock contacted Orbelín Pineda

Chivas will seek to be the protagonist of the Apertura 2022. That is why the board, led by Amauri Vergara, is reinforcing the squad to achieve the main objective, the Liga MX championship.

After finishing the Clausura 2022, the Sacred Flock announced his first two signings, Alan Mozo and Ruben Gonzalez; however, the owner of the rojiblancos assured in an interview with TUDN that they will have more movements in the coming weeks, and confessed that Orbelín Pineda is a player that interests them, they have even contacted him.

“We are still looking for reinforcements, we are looking for strategic reinforcements. We want to be very precise with the people we want to bring to the club, who are committed, who know very well what it means to wear the red and white shirt. What I can tell you, and this is something I have not mentioned before, is that we are looking for Orbelin Pineda.

“We have already made contact with him, we believe that it could be a great moment for him to return to his level, for him to have a level and a game to be selected at worldOf course it will be in the short term so that once the loan is fulfilled, he can return to fulfill his European dream,” he revealed.

Likewise, Vergara pointed out that Chivas It has a sufficient budget to make more signings, however, they are analyzing the options in detail, since they know that the investment made a couple of years ago did not give them the expected results.

“Of course there is (budget). But I want to make it clear to the fans that we are being very strategic with the reinforcements. A few years ago we bought quite a few players thinking that it would give us the results we were looking for.

Amaury Vergara prior to the Final of the Liga MX Femenil

“We realized that making large purchases does not necessarily guarantee us the objectives we are seeking, which is why we have learned of that mistake and we have focused on making strategic signings like the ones we are doing and like we have been doing for a couple of tournaments”, he declared.


Orbelín Pineda during a Chivas game

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