The two players who were offered to Ricardo Peláez and who he rejected for Chivas

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The Sports Director of Guadalajara would have declined the proposals of some agents to incorporate a multi-champion and an Olympic medalist into the Flock.


The transfer markets are usually one of the most complicated times for footballers, managers and representatives, since in this period all the movements are presented in all world soccer teams; however, there are times when agents offer their players to some teams and the board decides whether or not to accept them.

This situation would have arisen on a couple of occasions in Guadalajara in recent times, already under the Sports Directorate of Ricardo Peláez, who has considered thatSome elements that have stood out in Mexican soccer they do not have the requirements to wear the Herd shirt.

According to reporter César Huerta, a representative approached the former rojiblanco striker prior to Guard1anes 2021 to offer Aldo Rocha to the Guadalajara team, where the director would have declined the offer because he considered that he had better elements, for which he was later offered to Atlas, where he has been key to obtaining the bi-championship.

Poll Was Ricardo Peláez right in rejecting Aldo Rocha and Joaquín Esquivel?

Was Ricardo Peláez right in rejecting Aldo Rocha and Joaquín Esquivel?

Yes, they do not have the profile for Chivas

No, they could contribute a lot


“Before arriving at the Atlas, they did offer it to Guadalajara. Here they were told no, ‘because it wasn’t that good’, that here was better. At that time Rocha had not stood out like that, he had not attracted attention like that. (After) The person who offered it to Ricardo Peláez told him: ‘you see that it was good’, and he replied: ‘at that time he didn’t play like that’. They explained to him that he always played that way, ”revealed the journalist on the Peloteros PQ program.


Which other player did Peláez reject?

According to the same communicator, a few weeks ago José Joaquín Esquivel’s agent approached the manager of Guadalajara to offer him the medalist in Tokyo; however, Peláez’s response was negative because he already had the signing of the Bear tied up: “I’m offering it to you and the answer was no. ‘I have Oso González, I already have him tied up‘” he concluded


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