Summary and goals of Germany 1-1 vs Italy

Germany and Italy they had a somewhat ‘weak’ first half but in the second half they came back with everything and that’s how the goalsresulting in a deserved draw between two teams that sought victory until the last minute.

This match started off moving, with good opportunities from both teams, although in defending none wanted to risk too much, since they felt solid despite the fact that they sometimes gave away some spaces, but they achieved the objective of not allow the goal.

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Italy came out with a powerful attack, as Politano, Pellegrini and Scamacca sought to beat Manuel Neuer but the goalkeeper Bayern Munich he knew how to resist arrivals; the Teutons came out with Timo Werner, Leroy SanĂ©, Gnabry and Mullerbut Donnarumma didn’t have as many problems.

For the second half the match became much more interesting, since Italy would go with everything in front and would find the first goal.

To the minute 70 they generated a good arrival on the right wing, where the German defense got in their way but they were not effective; the ball passed everyone in the area, it reached Lorenzo Pellegrini and with the bow open he only pushed her to score 1-0.

three minutes later, to 73, Germany was going to respond as they spun a good number of passes, there was a feint inside the area that left an attacker almost hand in hand with Donnarumma, but there was an attempt to reject; they sent a new center for Kimmich and turned it into goal.

The hissing determined that there may be previous hand in this goal and analyzed in VAR, but after review it was determined that there was nothing illegal. The game continued but there were no more goals, so both teams distributed units.

Germany and Italy are located in the Group 3 of the A-League on the UEFA Nations League and they are located as second and third respectively, since Hungary defeated England by 1-0 and they are leader and cellarer.

Italy vs Germany | Coverage

Italy vs Germany It is one of the great games that will be experienced in the group stage of the UEFA Nations League. Here we leave you the full live coverage of the meeting.

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LIVE Coverage Italy vs Germany

Statistics for Italy and Germany

In recent clashes between the two teams, Italy remains undefeated, as they have seen each other’s faces twice in recent European Championships. In 2012 they beat them 1-2 and in 2016 they tied 1-1.

However, the ‘Azzurra‘ arrives after being thrashed in the Finalissima against Argentina and to Germany It will be their first meeting since March, corresponding to the FIFA date. They both share a group with Hungary and England on the A3.



What time does Italy vs Germany play?

The Italy vs Germany It is scheduled at 1:45 p.m. Central Mexico time. In Azteca Deportes you will have the coverage completely live.

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