Does Henry Martín go from America to Chivas? Ricardo Peláez surprises with his decision

The former president of America and current director of the Sacred Flock ended the issue of Henry Martín and his future linked to Verde Valle.

Ricardo Peláez clarified the rumor of Henry Martín to Chivas
© picture 7Ricardo Peláez clarified the rumor of Henry Martín to Chivas

A new season is coming America and with it there will be some arrivals and departures. For a few days there has been a rumor that Henry Martín would go to Chivas in an exchange with JJ Macías and despite the fact that such information was denied at the time, now Ricardo Pelaezdirector of the Flock, came out to clarify everything.

During the presentation of Alan Mozo and Oso González, the former sports president of the Águilas surprised with his statements, since despite the fact that the team from Guadalajara has been without a scorer on the campus for a long time, At the moment they do not plan to make an effort by Henry.

We are always working on the possibilities with other players. I can assure you that the second one you mentioned (Martín exchange for Macías) it is not going to happen, there are no approaches, there is no intention of anything at all. JJ is considered 100 percent with the Cadena campusPelaez said.

Despite Chivas’ refusal, Henry Martín’s future is far from America

The Mexican striker will not reach the Perla Tapatia, but that does not mean that he will stay in Coapa. The cream-blue directive is trying to accommodate it or offering it as a bargaining chip in some club of Liga MX.

So far there is nothing concrete regarding the departure of Henry Martín de las Águilas, but it is a fact that his performances in recent months seem to have buried his cycle with the capitals.

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