Toluca seeks to form a “Dream Team” for the 2022 Opening Tournament

With the incorporations already made and the reinforcements that are still waiting to close, Toluca would form a “Dream Team” for the next Liga MX tournament.

Toluca Look for the “Dream Team” of Opening Tournament 2022sources close to ESPNsince the mission of the board and the coaching staff, the latter headed by Ignatius Ambrizis to make a competitive team thanks to the reinforcements that they already have and a couple more that they plan to add in the following days.

So far, the Devils have five additions that are: Thiago Volpi, Sebastian Saucedo, Jean Meneses, Andres Mosquera Y Fernando Navarro. However, sources close to ESPN They confessed that they are “advancing” in the negotiations for Carlos Gonzalezfront of tigers and that they do not rule out one more reinforcement, in addition to the Paraguayan.

In the event that González’s case materializes, a situation that is very feasible due to the good understanding between the board and the player and his agent, there would be six reinforcements for the Opening 2022so that Nacho Ambriz would enjoy an almost new team for the next campaign.

Although ‘Nacho’ confessed that everyone is going to fight for a place, it is clear that many aim directly to be starters from day one, such is the case of Thiago Volpi, Jean Meneses Y Andres Mosquerabecause the Mexican helmsman knows them perfectly because he has already worked with them.

The possible XI of the Toluca for the next campaign it can be as follows:

In goal, Thiago Volpi would be the undisputed headline despite the fact that Luis Garcia Palomera Y Gustavo Gutierrez they can compete for the position, since the two Mexican goalkeepers have shown good conditions when they were required.

In the rear, as a right side I would be Raul Lopez either Fernando Navarro, the latter just joined the team. The pair of centrals would be with Haret Ortega on the one hand, while Andres Mosquera would be in the other and Valber Huerta I would dispute ownership. On the left side, the juvenile Jorge Rodriguez seems to have free way to consolidate.

For the midfield, Jordan Sierra has the containment along with Claudio Baezawhile on the wings, on one side it goes Leo Fernandez and of the other Jean Meneses. Finally, up front, Pedro Alexis Canelo with Carlos Gonzalez They aim to be the starters in Ambriz’s scheme.

This is how you can way the possible initial XI of Toluca for the next season.

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