The tank top is the easiest fashion trend to wear in 2022

We explain the great fashion comeback of the tank top, the easiest trend to wear in the summer of 2022. And even if in all respects it is a tank top … don’t call it that

Perhaps it is the garment that most represents the contemporary era: although the humble undershirt has never left our wardrobes, the recent fashion shows and street style fashion has definitely brought back a garment that for at least 10 years has known oblivion. .

Created in the early 1900s to be worn as a men’s swimsuit, only a century ago it became a real garment, when underwear began to be worn in everyday life. A great male revolution somewhat scandalous, given that it was a film sequence that made the sales of the garment go up, when Clark Gable takes off his clothes and shows his white undershirt in It happened one night (1934). To confirm the imagery that was being built around this item will be the actors Marlon Brando and James Dean. Immediately the basic becomes sexy.

We have to wait until the early 90s to see it worn by a woman for the first time and become the essential for glamor: Kate Moss showed up at the 1993 British Fashion Awards in a white ribbed tank top and chain loop. Already the face of Calvin Klein, the super model with this outfit shapes the minimalist aesthetic that will strongly mark the decade. The tank top definitively land in the women’s wardrobe like any other top.

Kate Moss

Jim Smeal / Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez, MTV music video awards 2000

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In the 2000s, this time the tank top is worn by the queens of pop music: first Jennifer Lopez with a micro version at the 2000 MTV music video awards and then the unforgettable look of Beyoncé in Crazy in love in 2003. Those who lived the early 2000s in their youth will remember that the tank top was a must of the summer season: worn with miniskirts, shorts and low-rise trousers to emulate the stars of the moment. And now that the Y2K fashion wave is marking the contemporary, too this piece has been fished out. But that’s not the only reason.

At Bottega Veneta and Prada, the tank top becomes a style statement. And many people in the sector, to elevate its “intimate” nature, have decided to call it “tank top“: This allows the garment to be dropped into everyday life without dwelling too much on its origin, as a garment to wear underneath and not exposed as we are seeing in the recent autumn winter 2022 2023 fashion shows. More than a nostalgic revival it tells the new direction of fashion contemporary that we can summarize with a couple of terms: simplicity and essentiality. These two concepts are consistent with the request to build a capsule wardrobe which allows each of us to create numerous outfits starting from some basic pieces. Among these there is also the tank top.

Bottega Veneta fall winter 2022 2023

Prada fall winter 2022 2023

The fact is, it’s not about alone of a simple tank top, but a top in all respects to wear with a little bit of everything, with cargo pants, jeans, under a men’s jacket, even with a longuette skirt. The more shy prefer to wear it under an oversized shirt, thus defining the coolest multi-layered look of the summer season, while those who have a certain confidence in this garment move away from the “intimate” idea to show it. In this last case you can play with models: micro that show a belly flap or long to slip inside the belt, ribbed or smooth, with narrow or wide straps (perhaps shaped?) Or with a square or round neckline.

Acielle StyleDuMonde

Acielle StyleDuMonde

Acielle StyleDuMonde

Acielle StyleDuMonde

Beloved for its simplicity, but also an emblem of genderless fashion (let’s go from the looks of Iris Law to those of Marco Mengoni), this garment is mostly chosen for its innate casual nature that brings with it a feeling of total comfort. She corresponds to a common desire to feel cool without resorting to virtuosity, a consequence of that pandemic need that we have all experienced. For this reason, in all its forms or declinations, the undershirt – sorry, the tank top! – now it’s a true style statement that we can all put on easily practically.

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