Fornite: Popular streamer Dr. Disrespect praises the game after removing the build option

Fornite: Popular streamer Dr. Disrespect praises the game after removing the build option

Joseph L. Ortega

For the launch of the new season, Epic Games chose to surprise players by preventing them from building, which is the very essence of Fortnite. Surprisingly, this restriction managed to win the hearts of some players, including Dr. Disrespect.

This new season of Fortnite is surprising both players and streamers. Even Dr. Disrespect, known for not having his tongue in his pocket, was eventually convinced.

Never say Never

Dr. Disrespect has never been a huge fan of Epic Games’ battle royale. He much prefers other titles, with different gameplay like Apex Legends or Call of Duty Warzone. He regularly criticized the game during his streams, for more or less valid reasons, but his opinion has recently changed following the removal of in-game build options.

fortnite : battle royale

I like you, but not much

The streamer, true to his personality, did not hesitate to criticize certain aspects of the game and returned to the artistic direction of the Epic Games game, with its cartoon style, which he does not like. He then brought up a more objective point, with the limitations linked to resistance. For him, a player should not be limited in his abilities. Your wish would be to be able to run without stopping, not having to take a break for the stamina to come back up after you’ve performed an action.

There’s no doubt that once this event is over, things will go back to normal and the streamer will start hating the game again, because in the end, this sudden insanity could simply stem from the fact that Fortnite is suddenly looking more alike. to your favorite titles, than to Fortnite itself.

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