You’re not seeing double, Kim Kardashian’s new stylist is her clone

That every step taken by the most well-known celebrity in the United States becomes international news, it is no surprise, but it is the person who works under his shadow and has replaced in some terms her ex-husband, kanye-west. The clan kardashian usually exposes his private life to the paparazzi and in the new reality show that has already seen the light, we just found out why kim is positioning itself -again- as a true benchmark of style. It all has to do with his right hand, a stylist with whom she carefully chooses what look she will wear to your next event. And yes, as you could already foresee, they are clones!


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Whether you like the closet of the Calabasas businesswoman or not, the truth is that whatever she does goes viral, and part of the blame is hers Danielle Levi, a girl of Jewish origin who had been working for the family discreetly since approximately 2018. But it has not been until now when we have found out the relationship that she maintains her double with the founder of Skims. We are not surprised that the resemblance is so spectacular, long brown hair, slim face and jaw, plump lips…Even the rooms and decoration of your house are similar!

Danielle Levi

– Kim Kardashian presents her new ‘reality’ with a dress and accompanied by Pete Davidson

As we have been able to observe, she is also part of the circle of other professionals who do makeup and hair to the celebritybut not only does he have the title of stylist, position with which he has replaced the rapperThey are also good friends. This is demonstrated by the continuous photos of her with Levi, she shares her on her profile in which we have been able to see her in the jet private and even at home or at dinner together. We cannot specify when was the exact moment in which she began to work exclusively for Kim Kardashian, but for a couple of months we have seen his name written in the credits of impressive outfits with which she has started a new era in her dressing room characterized by other types of looks and silhouettes.


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We can confirm that the precious suit and skin-tight blue suit with train by Balenciaga which premiered at after party of this year’s Oscars, the metallic latex dress in which he was sheathed for the premiere of his new TV show, the glitter dipped look and the moment that he starred in Met Gala carrying with The real dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in the sixties are the work of Danielle. After the resounding success of her advising Kim… Will she dress the other sisters or the matriarch of the Kardashian clan at some point? For now we are left with this funny alliance between two superwomen who are not afraid to play with fashionthat devastate each unexpected proposal and that are more alike than what the images show.


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