What to watch in streaming? A spy, a horror and an animated classic of the nineties – Tvshow – 05/28/2022


One of spies and lovers with Hollywood stars

Chris Pine Y Thandiwe Newton star in one of the latest thrillers released by Amazon Prime Video. In betrayal in the air (All the Old Knives in the original in English), they play two CIA agents who knew how to be lovers, and who, after a rescue that went wrong, meet again in the mess between professional and personal relationships. It is a story of spies, drama and betrayal directed by Janus Metz Pedersen, who was behind the documentary Armadillo and then did the praised Borg McEnroeabout legendary tennis players.

Chris Pine at

SourceUnited States, 2022

DirectorJanus Metz Pedersen

Where?On Amazon Prime Video


Terrifying legend with a new twist

To resume a story that had been told in the cinema 30 years ago, but with an imprint associated with the look of social criticism that current terror has, last year it came to theaters Candymanwhich is now also available in streaming, at NSNow. Here is the creative block of visual artist Anthony McCoy, who to get inspired immerses himself in the candyman folk legend, a decision that under no circumstances can bring good consequences. As co-writer and co-producer, he is jordan peeleOscar winner for Flees!


SourceUnited States, 2021

DirectorNia DaCosta

Where?For rent on NSNow from Nuevo Siglo


The return of a superhero of the nineties

A teenager with raging hormones and a close relationship with his computer suddenly becomes a superhero with light blue skin, a muscular body and striking hair. That is the basis of Phenomenon!one of the good results of the nineties alliance between Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros.. Animation. The animated comedy series has just arrived at hbo max to win back, with her witty humor, her ironic and parodic tone, her visual resources and her way of breaking the fourth wall, an entire generation that missed her.

series picture

SourceUnited States, 1995

creatorsSteven Spielberg, Bruce Timm, Paul Dini

Where is it?On HBOMax

series picture
Image from the series “Phenomenon!”. Photo: Diffusion

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