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This Friday, after 25 days of hearings, the legal teams of Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard gave their final arguments before the defamation trial moved on to the next stage: the jury deliberation.

The decision made by the six people that make it up will be based on all the evidence shown over the last six weeks, in addition to the text written by Amber Heard for Washington Post in 2019.

Not reaching a unanimous conclusion today, the jury’s activity will be resumed next Tuesday, the day we could have news about the trial that began in Fairfax, Virginia, on April 11, where details of married life were revealed. between the actor and the actress, which included physical, psychological and emotional violence, as well as infidelity, drug and alcohol abuse, among others.

When it is decided whether Depp committed domestic violence on Heard or, on the contrary, she defamed her ex-husband, there will be certain actions that each will have to take to compensate the damage done to the other.

What happens if Johnny Depp wins the trial?

to find guilty to Amber Heard of defamationthe actress must pay the 50 million dollars for which it was sued as compensation for all the projects that Depp lost, although the court could argue and the figure could be higher or lower depending on what they deliberate.

Besides, the 100 million counterclaim that Heard filed would be dismissedso you would no longer have the right to request a further review of the case.

There would even be a possibility reopen the case against the newspaper The Sunbecause in 2019 a columnist for the publication called him a ‘wife beater’, and request a higher financial remuneration.

This without counting the public apologies that he probably received from the film studios from which he was fired after his legal situation was revealed between 2019 and 2020 and that separated him from characters like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean or Gellert Grinderwald, of fantastic animals.

What happens if Amber Heard wins the trial?

to find guilty to Johnny Depp for domestic violencethe countersuit for $100 million which the actress of Aquaman would work and, therefore, her ex-husband would have to grant her this amount; however, the court could also step in and decide if you are given more or less than this amount.

In this case, the same thing could happen as in 2020, when Depp lost the trial against The Sun and he did not have the opportunity to request an amparo or any legal situation that would allow him to reply. That is, the actor’s arguments would be invalidated again.

Probably the actress can retain her role as Mera in upcoming movies Aquamanas well as the one that is about to be released in 2023, so in terms of work there would be no major change because, unlike Depp, she was never directly fired.

Whatever deliberation the jury takes next week, the reputation of both has been marked in a negative way for all the evidence and testimonies that have come to light over the last six weeks. However, in Depp’s case he could ‘clean up’ a bit if he is found to be innocent.

The legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

This started because Heard wrote in December 2019 an article for Washington Post in which he narrated that suffered from domestic violence and presented as abuse victimthough he didn’t really mention Depp’s name.

Later, the actor fantastic animals had made one suit in london for defamation against a newspaper columnist who called him a ‘wife beater’, which he lost, as well as permission to appeal a ruling.

He also filed a demand in the United States for $50 million for the same reason, now against his ex-wife: defamation.

In response to this demand, Amber filed a countersuit for $100 million, and despite each requesting that the other person’s case be dismissed, both cases were given the green light to proceed, according to TMZ.

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