Top Gun Bomber: where to buy the mythical jacket that Tom Cruise wears and that never goes out of style

Has it not happened to you that you have seen Top Gun: Maverick and you have been invaded by a sudden feeling of emulating its protagonist once again? Tom Cruise does not need a double, in fact, it is he himself who continues to shoot the most dangerous scenes in his films, but we all wanted to become the actor at some point: well dancing around the house in shirt, boxer shorts and Ray Ban Wayfarer, as in Risky Business; well handling the bottles masterfully as in Cocktail; or wearing aviator glasses as in the first installment of top gun. Why? Because she’s cool and stylish, and she doesn’t even need a suit for it, as she shows when she’s wearing the famous bomber by Pete Mitchell.

As you may remember, the bomber is one of the essential jackets in the men’s wardrobe. So much so that it can be considered a classic, and best of all, it is still current among today’s trends. Like so many other basic pieces of our day to day, such as the pea coat, the safari jacket or the fisherman beaine, this jacket is born from the military uniform. Its origin dates back to the First World War, when pilots flew without a cockpit in temperatures of 50ºC below zero. Therefore, they needed a good warm garment. The one who lit the light bulb went to Leslie Irvinga Hollywood stuntman who was so cold parachuting that he designed a leather and sheepskin jacket that ended up becoming part of the British Army Air Force uniform.

However, the bomber jacket that is known today is not the one that was used at that time, it was Alpha Industries the firm that shaped it. Inspired by Irving’s models, they made a nylon jacket, without collars and with an elastic around the neck, cuffs and around the waist to ensure the fit and keep out the cold.

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