Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis and all the stars of ‘Top Gun’ 36 years after its premiere

After more than 30 years, the sequel ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ was just released, perhaps because most of its fans wanted to know what had become of all its protagonists.

james tolkan

1. James Tolkan

the man who played the role of Tom ‘Stringer Jordan’ and is now poised to hit 91 in June. james tolkan participated in films other than ‘Top Gun’such as ‘Back to the future’ or ‘Serpico’.

He was also part of the production of the series ‘Those wonderful years’. His last behind-the-scenes job was in 2015.. Unfortunately He is not seen in the new sequel to the just released pilots movie.

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In recent days he premiered ‘Tup Gun: Maverick’ with his protagonist Tom Cruise Y Val Kilmer respectively. Y although it took at least 30 years to be able to see them again in this storyyou should know that the rest of the characters that were shown in 1986 do not appear in this new sequel.

this film Considered a cult movie was the one that brought Cruise to fame officially. It is for this reason that now this new part promises to be one of the best action films of the current year.

and although we know you would like to see all the characters of before and it will not be like that, since they only mention them. without giving youspoilers’ tea we will recount what the main characters look like What did you see in the first sequel? after three decades.

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