The Saw Minecraft Games are held in June

If there was an expected miniseries in the streaming orbit, it was Project Saw. Ideated by Auronplay and his team, the streamer himself has been in charge of showing the first trailer and setting a date for the special event. The official title of the games will be Saw Minecraft Games and will take place on June 12, 13 and 14.

Auron has also revealed one of the surprises for the game. The voice actor Miguel Ángel Jenner will be in charge of putting the voice to the game. Jenner has dubbed all of the Saw movies and is also known for being the regular voice for actors like Samuel L. Jackson.

A total of 100 streamers will compete to be the best in the Saw Minecraft Games. We viewers hope that it will at least have as much fun as Squid Games, whose premise was similar. Since this year we don’t have the World Cup or European Championship, all eyes from the beginning of summer will go directly to the competition between content creators.

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