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After years of turbulence, of cross-accusations in the public sphere and also in court, of sharp and sharp accusations, Martín Redrado took a decisive step to banish Luciana Salazar from his daily life forever.

Of course, the problems did not stop between the economist and Luli Pop, in fact they are still latent, because new scandals flourish every day, such as the blonde’s denunciation of the politician’s abandonment of the maintenance payment for her frozen eggs in the United States.

Not to mention all the war that broke out with Lulu Sanguinetti, who took the side of Redrado and put together a series of very spicy statements against Salazar, whom he called a snarl, of not letting go of the past and even of being untrue with his accusations against the former Minister of Economy.

The truth is that these battles shook the couple of Lulú and Martín, to the point that it was rumored that they would have considered the possibility of canceling their engagement, that pact that they sealed to marry shortly. However, the whirlwinds dissipated and the lovebirds adjust details of the wedding.

Now the focus has turned to the organization of this impressive event, which will be held on July 18 in Italy and in a magnanimous venue, because the name of the hotel in Lago Di Como has been leaked. Thus, Karina Iavícoli described: “It lasts between three and four days. This would be the possible place, I asked Lulu and she didn’t deny me. It is called Villa d’Este”.

The panelist from Partners of the show added more details of that high-class accommodation, with sidereal facilities that border on the bizarre and maintained: “The hotel is spectacular. It has 152 rooms, the guests are between 150 and 200, not all of them go to this hotel.”

As for the area where the property is located, Karina said: “The view over the lake, near George Clooney’s house. Is awesome. I went in to see if I could reserve a room, and I can’t. That’s what makes me think that everything is already taken…

Of course, the choice of this space is not a coincidence, given that Redrado has stayed there on countless occasions, for his work as an economic advisor. Therefore, Iavícoli added: “It is characterized by being the meeting place for financiers. It may be that Redrado was already there.”


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