The photo with a knitted body that Kylie Jenner had to remove due to criticism

Kylie Jenner She is considered the queen of Instagram. Last January she took the crown from Ariana Grande Already Selena Gomez and became the first woman to have more than 300 million followers on the aforementioned social network. In addition, and despite the 2020 scandal where Forbes removed her from her millionaires list, she has reaped fortune for her young age: she is only 24 years old.

Each publication made on his aforementioned profile quickly goes viral and is filled with thousands and thousands of comments and “likes”, but it is also there that he has managed to generate hundreds of controversies. Following that line, a few days ago and after announcing that she would change her newborn baby’s name, the youngest of the Kardashian clan used her social arrival to give clues about her new choice and again the news made her the protagonist of the various digital portals.

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