Sarah Jessica Parker’s secret to showing off gray hair: herringbone highlights

Whether due to age or genetics, gray hair is a common feature that appears in people’s hair, previously it was something embarrassing and most wanted to cover it with dyes or natural remedies. However, in recent years and thanks to celebrities such as Salma Hayek either Gwyneth Paltrow They have been encouraged to show off their gray hair without complexes, these have become a symbol of empowerment.

gray hair salma hayek

That is why now there are no ideas about how to cover them, what today is to highlight them and herringbone highlights, it is the look that is in trend to be able to do it and the best source of inspiration to wear this style are the actresses Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker, who have combined their gray hair with their hair color.

Tom Smith hair stylist

(Tom Smith, colorist and creative director of the line of products dedicated to hair care called Evo Hair / Instagram)

Colourist Tom Smith revealed how to get that look: “Ask your stylist to highlight your hair but include the gray, ask for a mix of warm and cool tones, emphasize that they should be mixed irregularly,” he confessed to Glamor. In addition, the expert reinforced the idea that gray hair should not be a source of shame and that instead of hiding it, it is best to find a look that suits them.

Celebrities who celebrate gray hair

Sarah Jessica Parker

Although the 57-year-old actress, known for playing ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ in the series “Sex in the City”, shows her hair on a daily basis, it was on the red carpet of the series “And just like that” where in addition to wearing a dress of Oscar de la Renta tulle in gray, with a cape of the same tone, pink satin heels, which are from her own brand and Fred Leighton jewelry, Sarah Jessica Parker decided to completely collect her hair in a bun, which showed his gray hair in the herringbone style.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The American actress and singer known for giving life, among her many roles, to ‘Pepper Potts’ in the “Iron Man” movies alongside Robert Downey Jr, is one of the pioneers in the movement to empower gray hair. It was during the pandemic that the actress, who actively shares her day-to-day on her Instagram profile, showed off her iconic blonde hair in combination with some gray hair, since then in most of her selfies. ´It is common for her to notice that look of hers.

Salma Hayek

The 55-year-old Mexican actress, businesswoman and producer has always shown her interest in personal care, but like Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma has not been shy about showing her gray hair through her Instagram account.

Salma Hayek, Bafta 2022, purple dress, bun, hair

(Salma Hayek during the BAFTA Awards red carpet wearing her hair in an updo / Instagram)

Contrary to what one might believe, Salma, who is the wife of the French businessman François-Henri Pinault, current president of luxury brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga or Alexander McQueen, does not mind that her gray hair is more noticeable since her hair It is black and has also been worn in different rugs.

Jennifer Aniston

The American actress, comedian, director and producer, who since the 90’s began to wear blonde hair thanks to her role as Rachel Green in the series “Friends”, has also embraced the change she has undergone and although she continues to maintain her iconic look, it is common to see that over time he has been playing with highlights of different shades of blonde.

Princess Caroline of Monaco

Lastly, there is Princess Carolina of Monaco, eldest daughter of Princes Raniero III and Grace of Monaco, who, although currently at 65, has almost completely gray hair, on several occasions she wore her gray hair with her hair color.

Princess Caroline of Monaco, gray hair look


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