Neyo ghosted by Jennifer Lopez on Instagram: “He never replied”

Celebrities are thought to all know each other, but they don’t necessarily have to be in contact. In the last episode of the series Down in the DMs from AND! Newssinger Ne-Yo revealed that one of his former co-judges of World of Dance has ignored your request for collaboration. Who is it about? You would never think so but at the center of the anecdote is the pop star Jennifer Lopez.

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“At a certain point I texted JLO for a song that I was trying to write for her, ”the singer revealed exclusively. “I sent her via Instagram DM (Direct Message), because she wasn’t with me and I didn’t have her phone number. So I thought: ‘Okay, we’ll see if he responds here’. He did not, which is fine, fine. She is very busy, ”continued the singer. Ne-Yo admitted, however, that he had forgotten to answer a colleague for some time, so that he understood the behavior of the colleague.

NeYo ghosted by JLO on Instagram chat: the story is surprising
Photo: YouTube

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JLO didn’t answer either, Ne-Yo doesn’t seem to keep no hard feelings towards the colleague. “It’s not like we’re friends or anything,” she joked. “It’s not like we did a whole TV show together or anything. It’s all right. That’s fine “. However, that changed when the Grammy winner received a message from the singer Chlöe Bailey asking him for one collab. “It was just about going into the studio and doing some work, which we still have to do. If you look at the date she contacted me and the date I replied, there was some time between the two, ”she revealed. And she then took the moment to apologize to the star of Grown-ish: “I’m sorry, Chloe. There is nothing personal. It’s just that I really, really suck at this DM thing. “

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Neyo Jennifer Lopez, no hard feelings. But the relationship with social media remains complicated

Ne-Yo’s latest single, Don’t Love Me, it is inspired by marital struggles with his wife Crystal Renay, who used to take a peek at her husband’s messages. But the singer shared why she doesn’t do it anymore: “People send me really disgusting things, not giving a damn about the fact that I’m a married man. Or people asking for money. These are the two things that send me the most DM ”. Despite everything, however, he receives just as many messages from his fans, who share the impact his music has had on their lives. “Seeing comments like these is why I do it”, he said after reading the positive comments for his latest music video. “I make music to make you live life. I make music for you to get you ready to go to the disco. I make music to make you clean the house on Sundays. I make music for you tooto let that guy you have been trying to leave for a long time, but who for some reason remains close to you ”.

NeYo ghosted by JLO on Instagram chat: the story is surprising
Photo: YouTube

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