Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker publish more photos of their wedding in Italy

Photo credit: Travis Barker - Instagram

Photo credit: Travis Barker – Instagram

Surely you are already aware of the wedding that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker celebrated in Portofino (Italy) last weekend. But, if you are not (rare thing, everything is said), the couple rented a castle of the sixteenth century to which their friends and family moved to witness their union.

It’s been a week, but on social networks there is still talk of the wedding of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, already converted into the ‘bodorrio’ of the year. We have seen the funniest video of Kendall, the gothic ‘looks’ that they wore in the pre-wedding and even the tiny portions of pasta that they served.

For their part, they have also shared the most beautiful photos of their wedding… and they continue to do so! Yes, the couple is reluctant to let us forget about their weekend in style and has returned to delight us with more images of it.

Kourtney has posted some black and white photos in which the couple poses relaxed on a yacht, still in their wedding looks. In several images, Barker is seen caressing and kissing his wife’s feet. Kardashian seems to be delighted in all the photos of her, including two of her in which he removes her garter with his teeth.

For his part, Travis has also posted new pictures of his wedding in Italy, and these are much more romantic. These are beautiful poses in which the couple looks more in love than ever, as they appear looking into each other’s eyes like two lovebirds. “Love in an elevator,” the Blink-182 drummer wrote as a caption.

Kourtney and Travis were married in Las Vegas on April 10, although said wedding lacked legal validity. Weeks later, they decided to make their union official with a legal wedding in Santa Barbara. Did you think that the third one held in Portofino would be the last? Well, that is that you do not know them at all, because it is rumored that they will have a fourth celebration.

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