In London, Chris Rock spoke publicly about the hit by Will Smith and supported Johnny Depp

The famous slap that actor Will Smith gave to comedian Chris Rock in full delivery of Oscar awards It is, without a doubt, one of the images of the year. From that moment on, the issue became global news and the referrals of the case continued week after week. From the famous slap, as Smith’s career entered debacle mode, the show ego-death de Rock began to sell out tickets.

The global tour of his show had to add dates thanks to increased demand and, as reported a few weeks ago The Mirrorthat would redound to the comedian a profit of two and a half million dollars.

At one of the functions, he made a joke about it: “I’m fine, I have a full show and I’ll talk about this if I get paid. Life is Beautiful. I have regained my hearing.”

His stand up show landed in London a few days ago, as part of a tour he is doing around Europe. according to the newspaper Timesduring the show that he presented at no less than the Royal Albert Halldid not advance too much in relation to the slap, staying true to the promise he made at the time that he would talk about it “on Netflix and when he saw a big check with his name on it”.

Measuring his movements, Chris Rock began his performance by alluding to the state of his ears. “If anyone asks, I have already regained my hearing”, in clear reference to the slap that Smith gave him in the ear. “Those who say that words can hurt have never been hit in the face”, he completed, in a way that is as “graphic” as it is subtle.

During the show at the Albert Hall, the comedian, who is known for making sexist jokes and including politically incorrect jokes in his repertoire, made allusions to the alleged racism of the royal housea theme that was strongly installed since Oprah Winfrey’s famous interview with Meghan Markle: “I think it’s good that they wanted to know how dark the baby she was going to have with Harry was going to be. That information also interests many blacks.”

Chris Rock continues to sell out functions, both in Europe and in the United States, with his Ego Death World Tour
Chris Rock continues to sell out functions, both in Europe and in the United States, with his Ego Death World TourAFP Agency

He then dispatched himself at ease against the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson who, in full confinement due to Covid, attended a party in the garden of his office, in May 2020. “I would have loved to party with him during confinement. Of course, I would not let him run a McDonald’s”, he pointed out in the ironic tone that characterizes him.

Lastly, he also messed with the media trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which was resumed today, recalling an eschatological fact that transpired from the process between the actors. In April of this year, the famous Hollywood actor claimed that his ex-wife had left “human fecal matter” on the side of his bed after an argument between them.

From that story, Rock spoke of the “new rules” in relationships, but was final against the protagonist of Aquaman. “Believe all women, believe everyone, except Amber Heard. What the… is she up to? She shit on his bed!” he shot back indignantly.

The next month, the comedian’s tour will return to the United States. On November 17, it will stop in Los Angeles, where it already has three performances scheduled. Will be, precisely, in the Dolby Theater, the same scene of the famous slap. Surely, as happened in London, tickets will be sold out.

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