How to lose weight on your face: exercises and how to do it

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The perfect face does not exist. Gigi Hadid is well aware of this, and has found herself over and over again having to “justify” the volume of her “chubby cheeks” criticized by blameworthy “keyboard lions”. And to think that it is the face of her sister, Bella Hadid, that is the most perfect in the world. According to golden ratio of phia scale of physical beauty developed by the ancient Greeks using a mathematical proportion, Bella’s face would have 94.35% perfection in itself compared to all the “necessary” values. Apart from golden mapping, we now become champions of subjectivity. Because we are all beautiful as we are. None excluded. But let’s get to us.

Cheeks in the flesh? They are not a problem, nor a question of diet. In fact, there is no real diet designed to lose weight on the face. And Gigi is an example of this. Weight loss is subjective and depends on body structure, just as how we store fat depends on genetics: there are people who have more fat cells in certain areas than in others. What to do, however, to satisfy the desire to slim down the face and slim down the chin and cheeks? Exist several complementary strategies to know.

How to lose weight on the face?

Rule number 1: watch out for nutrition. Although facial anatomy is a genetic factor, it is important to reduce sugars and salty foods to avoid gaining weight in the facial area as well. It sounds incredible, but if we gain fat mass, we gain weight everywhere. And one of the first areas is the one around the cheeks. As for the fat in the face, however, it is not possible to annihilate it with a specific diet. Eat healthyon the other hand, contributes to weight loss throughout the body, including the face.

Water retention is one of the main causes of a puffy face. It happens during your period, or after a period of not regular diet. Or with the intake of too many carbohydrates that hold water. Or if we have a high sodium diet. And yes, it happens even after a hangover.

photo: gettyimages

photo: gettyimages

Gua sha massage and acupressure

So what to do if we feel swollen in the face and want to thin this area? An easy and convenient help is the lymphatic drainage massage performed with Gua Sha. It is an ancient practice based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine that uses flat jade stones and rose quartz (or other stones) to rub the face. The goal? Stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system. But also to eliminate excess heat, considered a cause of discomfort and inflammation. In fact, however, Gua Sha on the face also has aesthetic benefits: drain, deflate and smooth the face. With lifting and “slimming” effect.

Another useful remedy for slimming the face is the acupressure, a technique that works on acupuncture points of the face. And, therefore, on the immense power of the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By facilitating the opening of energy channels or meridians, acupressure regulates Yin and Yang. But not only. By working on some specific points located on the face and temples it is able to deflate and tone the face.

Yoga facial

Long live the grimaces. Yes, because they are precisely the “funny” expressions at the base of Face Yoga method (also called facial yoga). Its origin is in the East and it was Fumiko Takatsu who invented it, following the principles of yoga that combines breathing exercises with relaxation and muscle contraction exercises. The facial muscles, in fact, deserve the same attention that we reserve for the other muscles of the body. And having some precautions is simple and necessary. These are simple facial exercises, to be done every day in front of the mirror, which can be combined with massages in the points of greatest muscle tension on the face.

The face yoga method brings multiple benefits for the facial tissues and beyond. Specifically: it improves blood circulation, relaxes the facial muscles, tones and elasticises the muscles and reduces the formation of wrinkles. But not only. Because it also acts on a mental level, establishing a general sense of well-being and giving greater confidence in those who practice it. They are big fans of this method: Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sharon Stone.

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Face gym and training

Combining a workout with adequate nutrition is the best thing we can do to slim down your face. Accelerating the metabolism, in fact, could be a valid help to lose weight even on the face. The best fitness exercises for the face are actually similar to the “grimaces” of facial yoga. Technically, it’s not about real weight loss, but about toning the oval by stimulating the muscles. And, just like other areas of the body, a trained muscle sculpts the features.

Foreo, the Swedish brand specializing in skin devices, recommends some easy exercises to slim the face. Begin by bringing your head back and, pushing your chin forward, inhale your cheeks as long as you can (imitating the “Fish face”, the fishy expression we used to do when we were little …). At this point, hold the position for 5 seconds before returning to a relaxed position. How much training does it take? The ideal is to repeat the movement 10/15 times. In short, being a child again is good from many points of view.


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