How skinny! Khloé Kardashian raises concern with her radical weight loss

On the occasion of his sister’s wedding in Portofino kourtney kardashianhis sister, Khloe Kardashian and the rest of the family are already in Italy celebrating in a big way and wearing outfits and great bodies.

However, she has been the mother of True Thomson who has caused the greatest fury and surprise with his radical change of image. Although his remarkable weight loss has already been attracting attention for weeks, his transformation is more striking every day.

From her social networks you can see how the businesswoman has been losing weight remarkably to the point of marking her ribs.

Although it is true that she looks much more fit and stylized than ever, it should also be noted that it is an image that is completely away from the curves to which her followers were accustomed.

On his Instagram profile, he has been updating his fans about what he has been doing and what his physical evolution is being with these healthy changes that he has added to his life.

Especially striking was one of her most recent photos in sports underwear that perfectly denotes how her figure has changed. Although the curves appear, they have been toned down quite a bit.

The reactions to her latest photographs have been immediate, highlighting, in many cases, the extreme thinness she has reached.


“Too thin”, “Are you okay?”, “It’s not healthy”, “You’ve come too far”, “Enough is enough”, “And that’s attractive?”, “Not like that”, they wrote in astonishment, not precisely to ok some followers.

(Photo by NINO/GC Images) Khloe Kardashian

In his most recent appearance in Italy for his sister’s wedding, his image especially attracted attention for his arms so thin. What she hasn’t changed at all is her more fashionable side, for which she continues to be all the rage and which made her the main protagonist of this weekend bridal party in which she paraded several models.

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