how it came about and why it is the favorite in Paraguay

They abandoned the label fast food to be crowned as one of the favorite gourmet dishes. They are among the most chosen foods by Paraguayans and it is the classic with double cheddar cheese that takes the podium as the most favorite.

Every May 28th International Hamburger Day is celebrated, the star of many fast food houses. They say that its origin dates back to 1895, when a German immigrant named Louis Lassen, who lived in the United States, served the first hamburger in his restaurant.

He cites the popular saying that “the best things in life happen without planning them” and that is how hamburgers came about. According to the story, a client asked the chef for something quick and delicious, and to fulfill the request, he prepared the food based on the recipe that some sailors from the port of Hamburg had given him.

That’s why they called it Burger, referring to the city of Hamburg, Germany, the largest port in Europe at the time. Since then, she has swept the world and in different presentations.

They are the most preferred by Paraguayans

In Paraguay little by little it became an icon of the foodie culture with a 64 percent growth in its sales in recent years, according to an analysis carried out by the delivery and quick commerce company Orders Now.

The cities where the growing trend of hamburger consumption is observed are Asunción, Fernando de la Mora and Lambaré, to which are added San Lorenzo and Ciudad del Este.

Beyond geographic points, the study reveals the days and times in which its users choose to eat hamburgers. For their part, Paraguayans place more orders at night, reaching their consumption peak on Saturday at 8:00 p.m., followed by Friday at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

Top of the most chosen hamburgers

The burger boom is a reality, we find more and more burger joints and more demand. A dish that used to be found only in fast food houses, today it is present on the menus of all restaurants.

Many times the variety makes the selection difficult but in the case of Paraguay, the top 3 of the most requested are: 1. Double cheddar cheese 2. Double meat with American cheese and special sauce and 3. Double meat with cheddar, grilled onion and bacon .

Although the most requested products are based on meat, today we cannot leave aside the veggie variant, ideal to satisfy tastes of all palates. With a growth of 214 percent, the popularity that these new options are gaining in the country can be seen.

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