Chanel and Camila Cabello, viral for these photographs that show their great resemblance

Chanel Terrero has undoubtedly become one of the artists of the moment. His time as a representative of our country on May 14 at the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ has not only made his enormous talent appreciated internationally, but has also led the most curious to realize a specific detail .

Going viral on social networks, users have not been able to avoid pointing out the great physical resemblance that Chanel has with one of the most acclaimed artists in the music industry, Camila Hair. And it is that, in addition to sharing profession and country of birth, Cuba, both artists also have a most notorious physical resemblance.

Their dark, wavy hair, their similar skin tone, their brown eyes… Even their outfits are very similar and are always fashionable, with that unique and personal touch that characterizes them both. So much so that some followers in networks they have begun to point out that they could have been “separated at birth” and that they could pass themselves off as “sisters”.

But, that’s not all, on Tik Tok a user named @rocioagenluq has shared what could be the perfect ‘find the 7 differences’ game between Chanel and Camila. A video that has gone viral and where the similarities between the two music stars are more than reasonablesomething that is evident in the numerous comments on the publication.

Regarding Chanel and Camila Cabello, the singers have not yet mentioned this new revolution in the virtual world. But, who knows, maybe soon the interpreter of ‘Havana’ will be aware of Chanel’s artistic career and bet on her to launch her new musical collaboration. Only time will tell.

@rocioagenluq They look a lot like me. #eurovision #Chanel #camilacabello #parati ♬ SloMo (Eurovision’s Dancebreak Edit) – Chanel

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