WWE wrestler cried because no one asked for his autograph

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It didn’t matter that he was a man almost 2 meters tall and over 110 kilograms. Even the toughest men cry and that happened to the deceased Brody Leeto which in World WrestlingEntertainment we met as Luke Harperwho in his first activities as part of the company suffered a disappointing anecdote.

The year 2012 marked his debut in the fighting empire of the McMahon family and it was at that time that suffered a great disappointment when, at one of his first press conferences, he was totally ignored by the fans, leaving him in tears because he believed he was worthless as a gladiator.

“In one of his first press conferences with WWE, Brodie came home crying because no one had come close to your stand to ask for an autographhe moved away while at home and in the background you could see his shattered look,” his widow, Synndy Lee, told the specialized media Pro Wrestling Observer.

The Miz ‘changed the life’ of Brodie Lee

According to the couple of the late fighter, the man who smiled back in those early months with World Wrestling Entertainment It was his fellow fighter The Mizwho at an autograph signing approached him to ask for it, telling him that he admired the respectful and warm treatment he had for everyone.

“I was unmotivated, but in another presentation The Miz approached his stand and asked for an autograph because he always admired him from the beginning for how he got along with the other boys. Arriving home he was with a huge smile and happy tears assuming you signed your first autograph as a WWE Superstar“recalled the lady.

“Nowadays, if (Brodie) knew that his action figures are among the most sought after by the public, he would cry again with happiness to know that in the end, people did remember him as he wanted, as an important figure in wrestling“, he added.

What did wrestler Brodie Lee die of?

Real name Jonathan Huber, the fighter was part of the All Elite Wrestling company when in October 2020 he was admitted to a hospital for lung problemswhich eventually caused his death on December 26 of that year, leaving two little ones orphaned and Synndy Lee widowed.


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