What is known about the actor’s spiritual journey to India (and the reasons for this new adventure)

From the controversial slap to Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscar Awards gala, Will Smith stayed out of the limelight and kept a low profile for several weeks.

The actor’s career was affected due to this blowsince after the unfortunate incident, Will Smith resigned from the Academy and was banned for 10 years from attending the Oscar Awards ceremony.

Added to this, the actor who won Best Actor for the movie king richard voluntarily entered a rehabilitation clinic for Learn to manage stress and control your anger.

However, a month after the coup that went around the world, Will Smith reappeared in public and was seen in Bombay, Indiawhere he shared a moment with his fans upon his arrival in the country.

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Dressed in white and with a Buddhist necklace around his neck, the American actor arrived at Bombay airport and was photographed with several of his followers from Indiaa situation that suggests that is overcoming what happened on March 27 at the Oscar Awards.

In accordance with Us WeeklyWill Smith came to India due to the insistence of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, who convinced the actor to travel to this country and start a spiritual journey together.

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Despite this information, the wife of the actor from I’m legend she was not seen at the Mumbai airport with Will Smith.

What were the reasons for Will Smith’s trip to India?

Will Smith arrived in India last week to embark on a spiritual journey in order to put her altercation with Chris Rock behind her and practice meditation.

Also, the 53-year-old actor perform yoga to clear your mind and delve into introspective and reflective topics.

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According to information from some local media, another reason for Will Smith’s trip to India would be to meet the spiritual leader Sadhguruwith whom he had a meeting a few years ago on US soil.

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