Video: Khloé Kardashian proudly boasts the mansion of her dreams, but the networks criticize her

Khloé Kardashian’s dream house was not to the liking of many on social media.

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The Californian socialite Khloe Kardashian37, recently gave a tour of the imposing mansion he built in Hidden Hills, right next to his mom’s, Kris Jenner.

Although the sister of Kim and Kourtney defined his home as the mansion of his dreamsthe social networks were not completely convinced by their statements, since they consider that the decoration is very simple and that the millions of dollars he invested in it are nowhere to be seen, nor the two years it took to build it.

The criticism received mainly focused on the color of the façade and the walls, since they are all exactly the same tone.

“Two years to build a boring white mega mansion, like it’s so hard to find. There is nothing special about it, or warmth”, “Everything so beige and unoriginal”, “Khloé’s house is so neutral. It needs some color”, were some of the comments that Khloé Kardashian’s house received after being presented in public.

What is Khloé Kardashian’s mansion like that you didn’t like on social media?

According to information released in the past, Khloé Kardashian’s home has an extension of 18,000 square feetwith eight bedrooms, with 9.5 bathrooms, with a kitchen, with a dining room, with a living room, with a main room, with a bar, with a wine cellar, with an office, with a movie theater, with a gym, with a garage for eight vehicles and with guesthouse.

Dinning room

The dining room, which was the first room he showed on his house tour, is made up of a gray rectangular table with capacity for 16 chairs, as well as some lamps and plants.

main room

Then it was the turn of the main room. It is made up of sofas, stools and a gray coffee table, as well as a ceiling lamp with a very original design.

From this room you have access to the second floor, a fairly good size wine cellar and the bar.


The bar has a large marble bar with a capacity for six chairs, as well as a television built into the television and a very interesting collection of bottles.

Kitchen room

The kitchen is very spacious and semi-open. It’s outfitted with light-toned cabinetry, high-end appliances, and a center island for food prep.

In the kitchen there is also a dining room table and a huge wine cellar that left Kris Jenner herself breathless, because it fits absolutely everything.

main bedroom

The main bedroom has a large bed, a headboard, two side tables, a wall-mounted television, and a very complete living room.

Although all the furniture is gray and white, the touch of distinction is given by the pink lighting, which brings some life and originality to this little corner.

Dressing room

The master bedroom walk-in closet is the size of a room. It has several shelves for her outfits and for her shoes, as well as full-length mirrors and a central island for her important collection of accessories.

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