Top songs by Camila Cabello and which one to sing in the Champions League Final

Camila Cabello is already in Pariswhere to act in the Champions League Final between RealMadrid and the Liverpool. As announced UEFA the singer’s show at the previous ceremony will be a musical with several songs from her career and her own brand of Pepsi published a promotional video in which the artist is seen performing some of the songs that may be chosen. While, in BRAND We bring you some of his greatest hits.

‘First Man’

This song is included in ‘Romance’, his second studio work as a soloist. This melody, with a slower and more romantic touch, is shaping up to be one of her great ballads. this singer It was written by Camila Cabello herself. and had his first live performance during the last Grammy Awards.

‘Never Be The Same’

According to Camila herself it’s “the best song” he’s ever written. This half-time that she talks about a toxic relationship (and that the singer compares to addiction to drugs like nicotine or heroin) quickly hooked on our heads. The song was one of the most chanted by the public during his homonymous tour; first solo tour with which he conquered the box office in each and every one of his dates.

‘My Oh My’

Launched in early 2020 as a new promotional cut. The song – which appears as the most listened to from his second album – could well be the continuation of his international hit ‘Havana’ due to the essence and the Latin sound that it offers.


This theme with Latin airs came to light in 2019 that raised it to the top and this theme ise became one of the catchiest hits of the summer. The perfect mix with the voices of Camila and her collaborator on this song, her ex-partner Shawn Mendes, were keys to her success.


In 2017 Camila Cabello marked her solo debut with this song that instantly crowned her as one of the young musical promises. Camila conquered the Billboard Hot 100 with this single that honors the Latin origins of the new pop diva.

‘Bam Bam’

His last great success of this 2022. Although she collaborates Ed Sheeransurely it is one of the songs to perform at the opening ceremony of the Champions League.

His Latin touches, the perfect mix between English and Spanish in his lyrics are key to this final. In addition, it is one of the themes that appears in the promotion launched by Pepsi to announce that it will be she who performs in Paris.

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