Tommy Hilfiger, a green partnership with Shawn Mendes is underway

Tommy Hilfiger, a green partnership with Shawn Mendes is underway
A shot from Tommy Hilfiger’s Classics reborn campaign with Shawn Mendes (ph Craig McDean, courtesy Tommy Hilfiger)

Tommy Hilfiger accelerate on the green. And she does it with Shawn Mendes. The brand of Pvh unveiled its new Play it Forward partnership with the Canadian singer and songwriter, founded on a shared vision of commitment to a better future. A multifaceted collaboration, which will begin with Shawn Mendes ambassador of the global summer 2022 campaign, entitled Classics reborn, which presents a collection entirely made with more sustainable materials shot by Craig McDean.

And then, on his next tour Wonder: the world tour, the pop star will wear more sustainable and personalized Tommy Hilfiger garments, while the brand will also donate 1 million dollars (equal to over 950 thousand euros at today’s exchange rate) to mitigate and offset the environmental impact of the tour. The partnership will ultimately culminate in a co-designed capsule, which will be unveiled in spring 2023 and which will reimagine the brand’s style in a more sustainable way through innovative recycled and new materials, as well as circular design practices.

“Shawn is not only a very talented musician, but he also represents a new generation of futuremakers who understand the need for action,” said entrepreneur and stylist Tommy Hilfiger. “By joining forces with Shawn to learn, share and innovate, we can continue to build on what we’ve already achieved and take our sustainability journey to the next level. While recognizing that we still have a long way to go, together we can bring even more awareness, to have a positive and lasting impact ».

The Classics reborn campaign, which will debut on May 16, stars Shawn Mendes with garments from the 1985 Program collection, including the iconic 1985 polo shirt made of organic cotton. In the 1985 Program 2022 collections alone, the use of organic cotton reduces Co2eq by around 48% and avoids 692 tons of emissions, equivalent to 641 one-way flights from London to New York for a passenger. The singer also wears more sustainable denim that is produced using 20% ​​post-consumer recycled cotton and requires less water and energy during its finishing stages. The look is completed with select vintage Tommy Hilfiger garments that celebrate nostalgic favorites.

“I’ve always been inspired by Tommy and his iconic brand and I’m thrilled to share our journey with my fans,” says Shawn Mendes. “Each of us has a role to play in creating a more sustainable future and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve. It will be nice to learn from each other, to discover how creative reinterpretation can have a positive effect on the fashion industry and to share what it means for me to live in a more sustainable way ».

For his neighbor Wonder: the world tour, Mendes is committed to making the tour climate-positive, reducing Co2 emissions by 50% for each show compared to his last world tour in 2019, and mitigating all remaining emissions through a combination of removal and containment projects. carbon emitted. In support of the shared mission and partnership, Tommy Hilfiger will donate $ 1 million in advance to help make the tour’s Sustainability & tour greening program possible. A substantial portion of this investment will be donated to regenerative cotton cultivation, to continue building on the impact of the American company’s broader sustainability initiatives. Throughout the duration of the tour, Shawn Mendes will also wear customized and more sustainable looks made with more responsible fabrics and trimmings, such as leftover from past collections, as well as vintage deadstock fabrics. (All rights reserved)

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