This is the fastest motorcycle in the world

There are many reasons to love motorcycles, convenience, handling, design, economy and, of course, being able to get to our destination faster. But if of speed it is about the Voxan Wattman it is beyond any other. East electric model has broken several records and is considered the fastest motorcycle in the world.

Every day more progress is made in the development of electric vehicles capable of providing the same, or better performance than one of combustion, while contributing to the care of the planet and this model of motorcycle is a clear example of it.

If you are a lover of speed and the motorcycles you have to know all the characteristics of the Voxan Wattmansurely you will be surprised by the kilometers per hour it can reach.


Voxan Wattman, the fastest electric motorcycle in the world

The Venturi company is responsible for creating the model Voxan Wattmana electric motorcycle who has set 21 new world records for speed in United States.

Without further ado, we share with you that, in a series of tests carried out, it reached a maximum speed of 470 kilometers per hour although the average was set at 456 km / h. To make a simple comparison, a Formula 1 car reaches an average of 370 km/h.

The maximum speed of the motorcycle was endorsed by the rules of the FIM (International Federation of Motorcycling), in the category of electric motorcycles half hulls weighing less than 300 kilos, and was measured after a fast start, plus 1 km there and 1 km back, in less than 2 hours.

It is worth mentioning that this speed was recorded by the aerodynamic version, while the model with the highest air resistance reached 369 km/h.

And it must also be said that both tests were carried out at the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, United States, by a professional, the Italian rider Max Biaggi, former 250 cc world champion (from 1994 to 1997) and Superbike (in 2010 and 2012).


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How is the fastest motorcycle in the world?

beyond the speed itself, one of the reasons why the Voxan Wattman What is striking is that in order to get his title of the fastest in the world engineers had to deal with weight, especially that of the batteries.

And you must not forget that it is a electric model, so its creators had to find a way to make the batteries less heavy, without losing much autonomy. In fact it has a capacity of 15.9 kWh.

Of course control the motorcycle at that speed it can be quite a challenge, which is why the Venturi engineers also decided to make it a little bigger with the intention of giving it more stability for which also a better air outlet.

Another outstanding feature is that its tires have been specially developed for this model.

Regarding your engineis the same used by the Mercedes single-seater in Formula E, which offers 317 kW of power, that is, 430 CV (horsepower).


It must be said that although the model is not for sale, the Venturi brand intends to attract the attention of potential buyers by breaking its own records, since the maximum speed for one electric motorcycle they had reached it when they reached 407 kilometers per hour, with the predecessor model to the Voxan Wattman.

Even so, it must be clarified that not everyone could reach those speeds. For the tests, dry ice was used as a coolant to avoid overheating and malfunction of its components and, even if someone wanted to take a risk, we warn you that the pilot affirmed when getting off the motorcycle that the folds of the protective coverall burned him because of the strong vibrations produced by speed.

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