The tense moment in which Saúl challenges Rubén after wanting to take away his partner on Love Island: “Walk like Will Smith”

Cristina Pedroche tells all the details of the last program of Love Island, where there was ‘movidita’: “My mother, it was very strong”. And it is that the entrance of two new islanders, Rubén and Aurora, made the boys very nervous. Especially that of Rubén, who wanted to partner with Lorena, the Saúl couple.

Although Saúl affirmed that he was not afraid of the entrance of any bachelor, upon learning of the choice of the new one, he quickly asked Lorena if she wanted to continue getting to know him and, given her affirmative answer, he got up and pressed the red button. “He walks like Will Smith”, emphasizes Dani Mateo. After challenging Rubén, the new bachelor, it is now up to the audience to decide which of the two stays. You can see the tense moment and the analysis of Cristina Pedroche in the main video of this news.

Kiss on Love Island

After discovering that Alberto has not kissed Yaiza no matter how many signs she gave him, Luis has decided to intervene and be the one to conquer the young woman with this surprise kiss. you can see it in this video of zapping.

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