The Rock knows that the striped suit is the one that best suits men with muscles

Photo credit: The Rock / Instagram

Photo credit: The Rock / Instagram

Henry Cavill already put us on the track of how a muscular man should wear the suit with his choice for the premiere of the second season of ‘The Witcher’. The actor opted for a double-breasted pinstripe suit, a white shirt that matches the handkerchief he wore in his jacket pocket, and a gray and blue striped tie. Now It has been Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, another even bigger mountain of muscles, who has shown that indeed, if you have muscles, your suit is the pinstripe.

The Rock has worn his pinstripe suit in a photograph that he has shared on Instagram and in which he appears loaded with a travel bag moments before boarding the plane back to Los Angeles. for the journey, the actor has dressed like a dandy with his blue pinstripe suit consisting of pants, jacket and vest. She has combined it with more daring than Cavill, since she has chosen a printed shirt that contrasted with the stripe of the suit. For footwear, black loafers that never fail, and dark sunglasses as an accessory.

Pinstripe suits for muscle men

The pinstripe as a flattering option for muscular men is because the pinstripe is a type of vertical striped pattern that lengthens the figure and narrows the body, resulting in the opposite effect of horizontal stripes that widen the figure -Scientist Val Wathman demonstrated that horizontal stripes added a sensation of greater body weight or volume on three-dimensional beings-.

Although in the image The Rock comes out with the jacket on his arm, the vest allows us to notice how the stripe has the effect that we have commented on the body of the actor, as well as the pants on his big legs, refining the general vision of his imposing physique and muscles (which you already know is not exactly little thanks to 5 exercises like these).

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