The news of Denzel Washington that shakes the United States

Denzel Washington starred in one of the most heroic moments away from the cinema, witnessing his Range Rover and the event being fully recorded, shaking everyone. We show you below…

Denzel Washington became a reference for the world of Hollywood cinema, standing out in various action and suspense films, winning the Oscar in productions such as “Times of glory” and “Training day”, where he played Sergeant Alonzo Harris, achieving victory in the category as best actor.

Obviously, his career is full of innumerable recognitions, stages that have positioned him publicly and as a consequence increased his fortune, which according to sources from international entertainment, his estate is estimated at about 220 million dollarsplus the particular data of income per film in humbly 20 million dollars.

Now, each win gives you the opportunity to buy several luxury cars of various styles ranging from sporty to sophisticated, of which there is in your garage the extraordinary Range Rover Evoque, SUV truck that has a touch screen to experience artificial intelligence, first-class navigation, safe traction on and off the road and an interior space full of comfort.

Technically, it has a 3-cylinder gasoline engine and a 1.5-liter electric motor to offer a total power of 227 kW (309 hp) and an Adaptive Dynamics system that adds more precise handling and control as well as ideal internal space. in order to bring customized equipment.

On many occasions, we have seen the actor work in action-packed stories where he usually saves the day, but this time the fiction became real life, since Denzel from his Range Rover decided to get out of the vehicle in the middle of the Los Angeles street to help a man on the street, a fact that was recorded.

According to several international media and security forces that were present, the actor got out of his car and tried to help a stranger who, according to the information, lived on the street and was in the middle of traffic, putting his life at risk. but Denzel seeing him in danger, tried to mediate with him so that he would be safe and wait for the police.

While that was happening, not satisfied with calming the situation, he gave him a mask and a snack (sandwich and drink) so that he could eat while the authorities took care of the rest. That day the actor shook social networks being described as a hero and a good Samaritan, his large luxury car witnessing the fact that made the world reflect.

Denzel in his Range Rover

Denzel helping the man he saw on the street

+ Video of Denzel Washington in the moment that shook everyone:

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