The Loop Festival returns to Bari: the sixth edition is for women who have changed music

BARI – The Loop Festival, the cross-media event that tells the world of music and contemporary audiovisual. And for this edition, number six, scheduled for 9, 23, 28 and 30 June, the slogan is “All girls to the front”: entirely dedicated to women who have changed the world of music, from PJ Harvey to Billie Eilish, from Amy Winehouse to Lauryn Hill, from Beyoncé to Bjork and many others, who will find space in the evenings between music, art and visuals.

The review, promoted and conceived by the Pool Association and produced by the Apulia Film Commission Foundation, sees the patronage of Puglia Sounds and an important partnership with Medimex. Artistic director and creator of the festival is Michele Casella. It will start on 9 June with the screening of the documentary “Sisters With Transistors”, On the heroic innovators of the musical experimentation of the ‘900, and it will continue with the projection of some of the most evocative contemporary video clips. And the first evening will take place on 9 June at the Multicinema Galleria (9.00 pm, free admission subject to availability). The documentary will be presented by one of the most influential artists of the musical and performance avant-garde: Laurie Anderson, in streaming from New York.

The following events will take place in the Apulia Film Commission Arena (9.00 pm, free admission subject to availability). Thursday 23 June we start with the rock and with insights dedicated to PJ Harvey, Billie Eilish, Cat Power, Kim Gordon, Lana Del Rey, Karen O and many others. On Tuesday 28 June we move on to groove and to the artists who have made rhythm the creative fulcrum around which to build their own sonic identity, including Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé, Lauryn Hill, Moor Mother, Erykah Badu, Fiona Apple and many others. Thursday 30 June ends with the pioneers of the approach digitalwomen who have bent the coldness of electronic instrumentation to performative energy, such as Björk, FKA twigs, Grimes, MIA, St Vincent, SOPHIE and many others.

Also this year the festival’s artworks meet the author’s comics: those of the 2022 edition are signed by the unmistakable and poetic trait of Manuele Fior. The cartoonist and illustrator, active in Venice, Berlin and Paris, created five portraits specifically for the Loop Festival dedicated to as many icons of contemporary female music. Also scheduled during the evenings are the interventions of Antonio Parente (Director Apulia Film Commission), Cesare Veronico (Head of Puglia Sounds), Luca Pacilio (Director Gli Spietati), Alice Cucchetti (Gli Spietati), Angela Bianca Saponari (University of Bari ), Federico Zecca (University of Bari), Francesco Prisco (Il Sole 24 ORE) and Claudia Attimonelli (University of Bari).

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