The Kavachi volcano, known for harboring mutated sharks inside, erupts

It is common for many B movies to use sharks as the main theme (we are not talking about big productions like Steven Spielberg’s film). Who doesn’t know the hilarious Sharknado? And that is just one example of the many available.

When National Geographic discovered that inside the Kavachi volcano (located in the Solomon Islands, in Oceania) inhabited lots of species of sharks, lovers of the fantastic raised their hands to their heads. This finding corresponds to the year 2015.

Surprisingly, these sharks can survive in such conditions. According to several scientific sources, these animals have mutated to adapt to extreme temperatures (amen to the degree of acidity of the water) of this place.


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Without going any further, it is popularly known as kavachi volcano What ”Sharkano”, in honor of the strange animals that live inside. We promise you that this news is completely true.

Well, NASA has confirmed that the Kavachi volcano (of underwater origin) has erupted... with what that entails. Various satellite images of the event have been taken.

Images taken by Landsat 9 show a column of discolored water next to the Kavachi volcano. At 99.9% this implies that the structure has erupted, which will inevitably affect these sharks.

The truth is that the Kavachi eruption has not caught the experts by surprise. The popular Sharkano entered the eruptive phase last October, according to reports from the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program.

Kavachi Sharks

It is a fact that the presence of discolored water (something that has been detected since April) indicates that there has been a breach in the submarine volcano… which would have led to the release of these animals in the Pacific Ocean.

According to the analyzes taken by National Geographic, different microbial communities live inside the Kavachi, along with large amounts of sulfur and specimens of hammerhead sharks.

Now that the volcano has erupted, experts wonder what will happen to the sharks that lived inside it, and how can this affect the ecosystem adjacent to the structure. Will these animals adapt to their new habitat? What can we expect from this fact?

It is not the first time that the Kavachi volcano has erupted, of course. Previously, eruptive phases were detected in 2014, 2007 and 1939the latter being the first in chronological order.

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In other words, and simplifying the matter, the dilemma is that the mutated sharks that inhabited the volcano have now been released into the Pacific Ocean. It is shown that these animals can survive in extreme conditions due to a natural modification in their genetic order.

In Hobby Consoles we will be attentive to what can happen in the Sharkano (or Kavachi) in the next few hours. We could be facing a decisive event for the vital balance of this ecosystem, in addition to incredible scientific findings.

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