The iPhone 14 Pro will finally copy one of the most mythical functions of Android mobiles


The “Always on Display” mode could finally reach the iPhone: the 14 Pro and Pro Maxx would be the first with this function.

It was necessary to wait a couple of generations of iPhone from its irruption in the telephone industry until we saw the first models with high refresh rate screenswhile Android mobiles had already taken this feature as common, extended even among the cheapest smartphones.

And everything seems to indicate that, this year, Apple would plan to adopt another of the functions that many Android devices have included for years: the “Always on Display” mode or “screen always on” to see notifications, the date, time or other relevant information.

Digital rendering of the iPhone 14 Pro design in purple.

The supposed design of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, according to Jon Prosser.

The new generation of iPhone Pro would debut with “Always on Display”

If we look back, we will remember that models like the Samsung Galaxy S7, released in 2017or the first installments of Motorola’s Moto G, Moto X and Moto Z families already incorporated the possibility of keep screen always on while the device is locked, to display relevant information such as the weather, time, date or notifications.

The function has evolved over the years and the arrival of new generations of devices, becoming more efficient thanks to the new OLED screen technologieswhich not only allowed black pixels to be turned off to save power, but also could reduce the refresh rate of the panel at just 1 Hz to consume even less battery. A good example is the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Always on DISplay in OxygenOS11

Some mobiles have an Always on Display mode that is accessed by touching the screen off.

With the arrival of LTPO-type screens on the iPhone 13 Pro, many users expected the inclusion of this function in the previous generation of the series. However, it was not.

Now, everything could change with the arrival of the iPhone 14 Pro. As indicated by the display industry analyst, Ross Young, iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max expected to be the first to introduce “Always on Display” support thanks to the new generation of ProMotion display.

Ambient Display and Always on Display, what are the differences and which one does my mobile have?

Its arrival should not be surprising, on the other hand, since devices such as the Apple Watch They have already included “AOD” mode for several generations thanks to the ability of their screen to drastically reduce the refresh rate to save energy.

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